How Visually Impaired Veterans Can Access a Range of Services at the VA If you’re a visually-impaired veteran, you face unique challenges. As with other disabled veterans, though, you have at your disposal potential benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. How you qualify and the available benefits will depend on the causes of your blindness.Blindness Due to Combat or Other ServiceYou may qualify for VA disability benefits, such as tax-free monthly payments, if your
Veterans Affairs Services
Scholarships, Grants and Financial Assistance Exclusively for US Veterans Many active-duty service members and veterans have access to the GI Bill to help pay for college. Although it is an excellent program to help pay for some college expenses, it often does not cover the entire cost of college. The good news is many scholarships for veterans are available to help pay some of the additional expenses.Scholarships for VeteransVeterans and their families have an array
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Convincing Arguments for Hiring a Lawyer to Pursue Military and VA Benefits The old adage of the military taking care of its own rings true for many circumstances. However, winning benefits that you are rightfully entitled to as an active military member or veteran can be more challenging than you think.The division of the military that oversees the disbursement of aid, like services for the blind, tightly regulates the money that is put into these
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The Blinded Veterans Association is Looking for a Director of Government Relations BVA_2019_8_AUG Announcement Director of Government Relations
OrCam is proud supporter of the BVA and sponsor of the 74th BVA National Convention Are you struggling with vision loss or having trouble reading or recognizing yourloved ones? OrCam MyEye 2 is the answer for you.Visit our booth at the upcoming BVA National Convention in Tulsa and stop byone of the OrCam presentations to learn how OrCam MyEye 2 can help you.OrCam MyEye 2 is fully funded by the VA for qualified veterans.Visit OrCam
BVA Convention to Feature VA Leadership and International Tech Accessible Industry Leaders in Tulsa, Oklahoma Check out the Industry Leaders at Convention next week.