Special VA Compensation Plans Can Get Extremely

Special VA Compensation Plans Can Get Extremely Many veterans come home with war wounds that have left them with permanent disabilities, but some suffer multiple traumas that have left them with serious challenges they must grapple with for the rest of their lives. All disabled vets are eligible for monthly compensation, but those with complicated or more than one disabling condition will almost certainly qualify for VA Special Monthly Compensation. This is a higher rate […]

What is a Veteran?

What is a Veteran? Veterans stand for honor, sacrifice and commitment to the American way of life. Though there is much dispute about who qualifies as a veteran, Federal Law determines a veteran to be any person who has honorably served their country on active duty in the armed forces of the United States. Your general and honorable discharge qualifies you to be regarded as a veteran for life, a status that is regarded with […]

3 Services a Veterans Assistance Program Might Provide

3 Services a Veterans Assistance Program Might Provide After you have served your country, you are entitled to benefits to thank you for your service. Those benefits are meant to help you get back on your feet when you return home. Sometimes, accessing your benefits is not easy. The government agencies that are charged with overseeing the distribution of said benefits are bureaucratic and slow-moving. Veterans Assistance Program professionals are available to help you. Here […]

Great Tips to Use When Applying for a Scholarship

Great Tips to Use When Applying for a Scholarship Scholarships for Veterans Dependents are available through the Blinded Veterans Association. The Kathern F. Gruber scholarship and the Thomas H. Miller scholarship is offered to spouses, dependent children, and grandchildren of blinded veterans. Each scholarship is for one single year, but students can re-apply each year and receive it for up to four years. Scholarships relieve a bit of the financial burden that families with college […]

California State Senate and Assembly Honor: National Blinded Veteran’s Day

(Alexandria, VA) – On Thursday, March 28th, during an official session of the California State Senate, a formal “Resolution” recognizing and honoring “National Blinded Veteran’s Day” will be proposed and voted upon on the State Senate Floor. It is expected to pass and will be followed by an official presentation on the senate Floor. Founded on March 28th, 1945 by 100 blind war veterans, the “Blinded Veterans Association” was recognized by General Omar Bradley, of the Veterans Administration, as the first official […]

Light Up the Darkness Event 2019

Light Up the Darkness Event 2019

The Blinded Veterans Association Proudly Presents A Concert featuring two of the Biggest Singer Songwriters in Country Music, Kent Blazy & Cory Batten March 28 6-10PM  THE STATE THEATRE, FALLS CHURCH, VA Register Here for the Event!