BVA Supports Blinded Veterans with Veterans Assistance Programs

Since 1945, BVA has been advocating for blind veterans and their families in order to assist them in regaining their independence. We offer a range of veteran’s assistance programs which are available to any veteran whether they are a member of BVA or not. We provide support for veterans through funding, advocacy and assistance with navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs claims processes to ensure seamless integration back into daily routine post active duty.

Veteran Services

BVA offers the Veteran Services Program Resource Center which provides veterans with everything they need to initiate VA claims and appeals. Each of our service offers are accredited through the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of General Council and provide assistance throughout the claims process at no cost.

Operation Peer Support

Operation Peer Support (OPS) is a program designed by BVA that encourages and assists blinded veterans throughout their rehabilitation process using a combination of sports and education. Our OPS veterans have taken part in marathons, golf tournaments and fishing expeditions. This year’s event is a Ranger Endeavor consisting of climbing, range shooting, rappelling and ranging activities.

Scholarships and Awards

Blinded veterans, their spouses and dependent children or grandchildren are all eligible for a number of scholarships designed to assist with higher education tuition. These merit-based scholarships are available to all family members of blinded veterans regardless of their membership status with BVA. We also present awards to blinded veterans who have made a significant contribution to their community.

Advocacy Through Government Relations

The BVA is committed to advocating for the needs of blinded veterans and maintain a constant presence on Capitol Hill.