BVA Auxiliary

The National Blinded Veterans Association Auxiliary  (BVAA) was established in 1977 to educate and offer assistance to friends and family members of blinded veterans. BVAA seeks to strengthen the spirit of fellowship that naturally exists among its members. Any friends, family members, or individuals age 18 and over who are interested in helping blinded veterans are eligible for membership. Founding member Catherine McCraken Burnett, who also designed the BVAA Auxiliary emblem now part of its official flag, best summed up the Auxiliary’s mission and the character of its members when she penned the following:

Blinded Veterans Association Auxiliary Members

A — Answering the commitment to assist, serve and support BVA.

U — United in purpose, we stand as one.

X — pecting the achievement of our goals to make a difference.

I —  Individually and collectively, we dedicate ourselves to this endeavor.

L — Learning together to be patient, to be kind, slow to judge, and quick to forgive.

I —  Inspired by our strong determination to succeed, we…

A — Acknowledge that only as we devote our lives to others are we…

R — Rewarded by the realization that we can do anything that we set forth to do when Supported by Almighty God and our most important member…

Y — You.