Blinded Veterans Seek Candidates for National Chaplain Post

The Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) seeks candidates for the office of National Chaplain, a position appointed by a majority vote of a quorum of the members of the National Board of Directors.

The National Chaplain provides spiritual guidance and support to the blinded veteran membership at special events such as the national conventions, arriving early to greet members and guests and later conducting devotional exercises such as invocations and benedictions during individual business meetings and formal social events. He/she also composes a bi-monthly Chaplain’s Corner to be placed in each issue of the organization’s official publication, the BVA Bulletin. The purpose of the Chaplain’s Corner is to promote unity and generate both motivation and enthusiasm to Bulletin readers.

All National Board of Director positions within BVA are voluntary and uncompensated. The National Chaplain position, a Board position, does not include voting rights and travel and accommodations to the annual national convention are the responsibility of the individual.

The BVA National Bylaws hold that a vacancy in the office of National Chaplain shall be filled from among the Members, Associate Members, or Honorary Members in good standing. It is reviewed annually at the BVA Winter/Spring Board Meeting.

For consideration beginning October 15, 2017, please submit a cover letter and a sample Chaplain’s Corner of approximately 400 words via email to BVA Administrative Director Brigitte Jones,, and National President Joe Parker,

The legendary position of BVA National Chaplain was occupied by renowned blind rehabilitation pioneer Father Thomas J. Carroll, who helped lay the foundation for BVA’s now more than 72 years of service to the nation’s blinded veterans and their families.