KATHERN F. GRUBER & THOMAS H. MILLER Scholarship Instructions 2018-2019​

         Application Form          KATHERN F. GRUBER & THOMAS H. MILLER SCHOLARSHIPS         2018-2019 ACADEMIC YEAR         General Instructions 1.  Please read the instructions and questions on the application carefully before attempting to supply the information requested. 2.  Please type or print plainly in ink the information requested on this form and in the supporting statements. 3.  Whenever the space provided on the form is inadequate, please attach a separate sheet or sheets (on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper) […]

Great Tips to Use When Applying for a Scholarship

Great Tips to Use When Applying for a Scholarship Scholarships for Veterans Dependents are available through the Blinded Veterans Association. The Kathern F. Gruber scholarship and the Thomas H. Miller scholarship is offered to spouses, dependent children, and grandchildren of blinded veterans. Each scholarship is for one single year, but students can re-apply each year and receive it for up to four years. Scholarships relieve a bit of the financial burden that families with college […]

Scholarship Instructions

Scholarship Instructions KATHERN F. GRUBER & THOMAS H. MILLER SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS 2021-2022 ACADEMIC YEAR Instructions for Applicants The Blinded Veterans Association, 1101 King Street, Suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22314, a national veterans’ organization, has established the Kathern F. Gruber Scholarship Program and the Thomas H. Miller Scholarship Program for the purpose of assisting the educational goals of dependent children, grandchildren, and spouses of blinded veterans to include Active Duty blinded service members of the U.S. […]


Programs BVA Supports Blinded Veterans with Veterans Assistance Programs. Since 1945, BVA has been advocating for blind veterans and their families in order to assist them in regaining their independence. We offer a range of veteran’s assistance programs which are available to any veteran whether they are a member of BVA or not. We provide support for veterans through funding, advocacy and assistance with navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs claims processes to ensure seamless […]


PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 1, 2021 BLINDED VETERANS ASSOCIATION ANNOUNCES SCHOLARSHIPS OPEN FOR 2021-2022 ACADEMIC YEAR BVA will award seven total higher education scholarships for the 2021-22 academic year, six under the Kathern F. Gruber program umbrella for $2,000 each and one $1,000 scholarship in the name of Thomas H. Miller. The Gruber scholarship program is now in its 38th year. The Miller program, now in its ninth year, requires the same application […]