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Welcome to the online version of the Pre-Convention 2015 BVA Bulletin. An archive of previous issues is also available. For information or entries in issues prior to 2007, contact Stuart Nelson at BVA National Headquarters, 800-669-7079, Ext. 3316.

Photo of Louisville WaterfrontA six-block walk from the Louisville Downtown Marriott, site of the BVA 70th National Convention August 17-21, the 85-acre Waterfront Park is often called the front door to Kentucky and a playground for people of all ages. Additional convention attractions and BVA’s preparations for the week’s activities and events are described in this issue of the Bulletin

In This Issue...

Legislative Update - by Glenn Minney

President’s Page - by Mark Cornell

Louisville Gathering Fast Approaching - by Christina Hitchcock

70th Convention Directives - by Brigitte Jones

National Convention Schedule of Events

Blinded Veterans Revitalize at Georgia Ranger Training Camp

My World War II Parents - By Elly McGuire

Around BVA

Auxiliary's View - by Pam Hogan

From the Field Service Staff - by Wade Davis

Of Note

In Remembrance

Final Thought

Anyone wishing to remember the Blinded Veterans Association in a Last Will and Testament may do so by including a special paragraph in the document. If your wishes are complex, contact BVA National Headquarters.



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Bulletin Archives

Stuart Nelson

Staff Writers:
Al Avina
Glenn Minney
Brigitte Jones
Christina Hitchcock

BVA Auxiliary Reporter: Darian Slayton Fleming


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