Blinded veterans touch the Vietnam Memorial, with a guide dog
BVA Field Service Staff
BVA Member Terry Kebbel presenting Congressional testimony with Glenn Minney
Veterans learning about VoiceEye adaptive technology at BVA annual convention

Since 1945, BVA has worked to improve the quality of life for all blind Americans.

Blindness can be isolating.

Our motto is: Blinded veterans helping blinded veterans. We do this through:

  • Mentorship programs for newly blinded veterans
  • Visits by BVA members and volunteers in hospitals

Learning to live without sight requires adjustment and training.

Thanks to you and BVA, thousands are receiving vital assistance.

  • At Rehabilitation Centers throughout the country, veterans who are blind learn to get around safely using a white cane. They learn how to do everyday tasks without sight so they can live independently.
  • They now receive benefits even if their blindness isn’t caused by combat.
  • They can get accessible computer equipment, magnification and audio reading devices, and talking GPS guides.

We are working to create a full continuum of vision rehabilitation care.

Thanks to you, since 2007, close to 50,000 enrolled blinded veterans have received proper screening, diagnosis, treatment, and the benefit of vision research. BVA works to address the needs of:

  • Veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Veterans with vision problems related to penetrating eye trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Senior veterans with age-related vision conditions

You’ve helped us establish:

  • The Visual Impairment Service Team Program
  • The Blind Rehabilitation Outpatient Specialists Program
  • Training in veterans’ homes, and in clinics and hospitals
  • The VA Vision Center of Excellence
  • The Eye Trauma Registry

BVA is the official voice for blinded veterans and their families in Washington. BVA Directors of Government Relations present priority issues to Congress. Thanks to your support, they’ve been successful in helping to secure funding for programs assisting blind veterans and their families in legislative hearings before House Veterans Affairs:

  • Ended co-payments for catastrophically disabled veterans whose disabilities are non-service connected
  • Increased benefits for blind veterans with hearing loss
  • Improved benefits for surviving spouses and dependent children
  • Increased access to affordable housing and home structural modification grants

This Memorial Day, Be A Hero to Our Veterans!

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