Section 1. Annual Meeting Plan


A. Section 13a of Article XIV (Regional Groups) of the BVA National Bylaws states that "in order to be recognized by the Blinded Veterans Association as a regional group in good standing, a regional group shall meet at least once during each Fiscal Year (July 1 - June 30). and submit copies of its minutes to National Headquarters within two (2) months of such meetings...."

B. Regional group meetings serve multiple purposes. They serve as a forum for the conduct of regional group business. Additionally, they provide members with the opportunity to interact with each other and discuss matters of mutual interest concerning blindness/visual impairment. They also serve as the basis for a support group for the members of the regional group. Accordingly, the number of meetings a regional group holds during the year is directly proportionate to the benefits to be derived by the members as enunciated above.

C. Each BVA regional group should make a concerted effort to hold a minimum of two meetings a year, and more if possible. Some regional groups hold monthly meetings. For those regional groups whose territorial boundaries encompass a state or several states, it is recommended that three or more meetings be held during the year, with each meeting to be held in a different city or geographical location.

Section 2. Selecting the Meeting Site


A. Meeting sites for BVA regional group meetings should be selected taking into consideration several factors as follows:

1. Proximity of site to largest concentration of members. The meeting site should, in most circumstances, be as close as possible to the largest concentration of the membership. By so doing, the chances of a large turnout for the meeting will increase.

2. Lodging accommodations: There should be adequate lodging accommodations within close proximity of the meeting site to accommodate those members who choose to stay overnight.

3. Size of the territorial boundaries of the regional group.

3a. For those regional groups whose territorial boundaries encompass an entire state or several states, a site should be chosen which is as closely as possible equidistant to all the members of the regional group.

3b. Choosing such a site will even out the distance the members will have to travel.

4. Use of other veterans organizations' facilities or military facilities. Regional groups are strongly encouraged to coordinate with other veterans service organizations in their respective geographical areas such as the VFW, American Legion, DAV, etc., and use their facilities, where feasible, to hold regional group meetings.

4a. Also, if a military base or facility is located in the area of the regional group, efforts should be made to coordinate with the local base commander for the use of the military facility to hold regional group meetings, if possible.

4b. By using such facilities, regional groups can substantially reduce costs associated with renting commercial facilities, thereby making monies in the regional group budget available for other expenditures that would normally be used to rent regional group meeting space.

Section 3. Notifying Members of Meetings


A. Each regional group member should be notified of each regional group meeting in a timely manner. Such notification should be in the form of a letter or flyer, or may be published in the regional group minutes. If the date of the meeting is known well enough in advance, such information may be published in the respective District Director's newsletter. Such notification should be sent out to each member a minimum of 10 days prior to the meeting date, and should include the date, place and purpose of the meeting.

B. Upon request, the BVA National Headquarters (Membership) will provide labels for the mailout , to each regional group member, of the meeting notice. A written or telephonic request will suffice. Subordinate chapters of regional groups desiring labels for mailouts must go through their respective regional group to obtain such labels.

Section 4. Assuring a Quorum for Meetings

A. During its annual meeting held during the period August 8 - 10, 1993 in Tucson, Arizona in conjunction with the 48th BVA National Convention, the BVA National Board of Directors established the policy that the minimum number of members required for a quorum for regional group meetings is five (5) members.

B. In order to ensure a quorum at regional group meetings, the regional group leadership should attempt to contact its members by phone prior to each meeting to encourage them to attend. Coordination among the leadership should provide a fairly accurate estimate of the number of members who have provided positive intentions to attend the meeting.

Section 5. Keeping Minutes of the Meeting


A. Keeping minutes of the regional group meeting is the responsibility of the regional group Secretary (Secretary/Treasurer).

B. In order to ensure an accurate and concise transcript of the meeting, it is strongly recommended that the regional group secretary utilize a Recording device to record the proceedings of the regional group meeting as well as take personal notes. By utilizing a recording device, the secretary will have an accurate record of the meeting which he/she can utilize to supplement his/her personal notes and ensure that a complete and accurate transcript of the meeting is produced.

Section 6. Submitting Minutes to BVA National Office and District Director

A. Section 13a(2) of Article XIV (Regional Groups) of the BVA National Bylaws requires all BVA regional groups to submit copies of the minutes of each meeting held to the BVA National Headquarters within two (2) months of such meetings.

B. Submission of the minutes of each regional group meeting to the BVA National Headquarters in a timely manner is the responsibility of the regional group Secretary (Secretary/Treasurer).

C. The minutes of each regional group meeting should by typed or prepared on a computer/word processor, should be legible, should be in English, and should be signed by the regional group Secretary (Secretary/Treasurer) and or the regional group President.

D. It is strongly recommended that the minutes of each regional group meeting be prepared in 14-point type or larger print which will qualify the minutes to be mailed FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND in accordance with U.S. Postal regulations (Domestic Mail Manual, Section 135.7).

E. A copy of the minutes of each regional group meeting should be submitted by e-mail and or regular mail to the respective District Director(s) who has (have) cognizance over the Regional Group at the same time as the minutes are submitted to the BVA National Headquarters.

Section 7. Suggested Format for Regional Group Meeting


A. Each regional group should adopt a standard format for the conduct of its meetings, and such format should be adhered to by the regional group leadership.

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RR on BARD: DB53865

Robert's Rules of Order: Newly Revised Robert, Henry M. Read by Lou Harpenau. Reading time 29 hours 29 minutes.
Government and the Law

First published in 1876, this tenth edition of the manual of parliamentary procedure still serves as the recognized guide to running and participating effectively in meetings. Includes information on using technology for such electronic meetings as teleconferences, videoconferences, and e-mail. 2000.

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B. The following is a suggested standard format for the conduct of regional group meetings. It should be emphasized that this is a suggested format only, and regional groups are at liberty to add, delete or modify this format as they may see fit.

C. The suggested standard format is as follows: