Section 1. Notifying Regional Group Members of the Meeting to Elect Officers

A. Election of regional group officers usually occurs annually or biannually, depending on the regional group's bylaws, and is one of the most important events to the regional group. Every effort should be made to facilitate the maximum turnout of the membership for the meeting to elect new regional group officers.

B. The regional group secretary should notify all of the members of the regional group in good standing in a timely manner of the date, time and location of the meeting to elect new officers.

1. Such notification should be no less than ten (10) days prior to date of the meeting, and should be by written letter and email. In accordance with a policy established by the BVA National Board of Directors in August of 1999, address labels from BVA National Headquarters must be used on all such notification letters.

2. In accordance with the provisions of Section 11 of Article XIV (Regional Groups) of the BVA National Bylaws, the meeting to elect regional group officers must be held in a location within the regional group's territorial boundaries as set forth in the regional group's charter.

3. Upon request, the BVA National Headquarters (Attn: Membership) will provide gummed labels containing the names and addresses of all of the members of the regional group. This will serve to facilitate the regional group Secretary's mailout of the notice of the meeting to elect new officers.

Section 2. Notifying BVA National Headquarters of the Election Results

A. The BVA National Headquarters requires up-to-date rosters of all regional group officers to facilitate accurate and correct mailout of BVA business documentation, regional group dues apportionment checks, Life Membership Fund apportionment checks, etc. Therefore it is necessary that the regional groups provide the BVA National Headquarters with timely officer election results.

B. Section 10b of Article XIV (Regional Groups) of the BVA National By-Laws requires that regional groups submit an up-to-date listing of its officers (to include name, office held, address and telephone number) to BVA National Headquarters (Attn: Administrative Director) immediately after its initial organization, and there-after within thirty (30) days after an election of officers or any change of officer(s) for any reason.

Section 3. Responsibilities of Officers

A. The following are the general responsibilities of regional group officers. It should be emphasized that the regional group by-laws should spell out in detail the specific duties of the regional group officers. In this regard, the responsibilities listed below are general in nature, and not necessarily all-encompassing.

1. President: The President is the executive head of the regional group, and should have full power to enforce the provisions of the regional group constitution/by-laws as well as the policies adopted by the membership. He should preside at all meetings of the membership unless ill, disabled or absent, in which case the Vice-President should preside.

2. Vice-President: The Vice-President should perform such duties as are assigned him by the President and/or the Regional Group membership, and should act as Acting President during the absence, illness or disability of the President.

3. Secretary: The Secretary should keep minutes of all meetings of the membership and the regional group Executive Committee, if one is established, and should furnish a copy of all such minutes to the National Secretary (BVA National Office/Attn: Administrative Director) within two months of the meeting. The Secretary should notify all members in good standing and the National Headquarters of all Regional Group meetings, including the purposes for which they are called. The Secretary should perform such other duties as are assigned him/her by the President, Vice-President and/or the membership.

4. Treasurer: The Treasurer should be required to maintain accurate and complete books and records of account reflecting all of the income and expenditures of the Regional Group. The Treasurer should be required to report regularly to the membership on the finances of the group, and to file budgets and financial reports with the National Association as requested/required.

B. The regional group may, in its discretion, combine the offices of Secretary and Treasurer, and may elect other officers from among its membership considered necessary for its operations.

C. If other officers are elected, or appointed, the regional group by-laws should spell out what the duties and responsibilities of each additional elected and/or appointed officer are.