What is the difference between Compensation & Pension?

Question 1:

If a veteran comes in for a visit and he states he is getting a pension from the VA, does the veteran know what he is receiving?

In many cases no! Many veterans consider any payment they receive from the VA is a pension. This can cause many errors in the VA. If the veteran asks about a pension from the VA, his claim will be sent for a non-service connected pension. I have seen many cases where a veteran is receiving compensation and his claim ends up at the pension center because he asked about a pension and not an increase for compensation.

Question 2:

What is the difference between pension and compensation? When submitting a claim or addressing the VA about a claim, terminology is very important.

Compensation is an entitlement. Because the veteran was injured, or developed a disability, while serving our country, the veteran is entitled to be compensated. Compensation is paid for life at a rate pertaining to their disability.

Pension is a supplement. A Non-service connected pension is paid to veterans whom served our country during a period of war and due to a non-service connected disability are unable to support themselves or their family. A pension is based on income and not a disability related to service.

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