VA benefits and special program rates based on types:
Type  Amount 
Automobile Grant (Eligibility-Auto Grant) effective 10/01/2014  $20,235.20 (one time) 
HISA (SC): (Information on HISA $6,800 
HISA (NSC): (Information on HISA) Effective on May 5, 2010 for all new unprocessed HISA claims  $2,000 
2101a (Specially Adapted Housing-SAH Grant $77,307 (maximum) 
2101b (Special Housing Adaptation-SHA Grant $15,463 (maximum) 
Beneficiary Travel  $0.415/mile (41.5 cents) 
Clothing Allowance (Eligibility-Clothing Allowance) Paid on August 1st (starting in 2012 possible to receive more than one allowance)  $777.29 (annual) 
Medal of Honor Pension  $1,303.51/month 
DIC (all surviving spouses of veterans who died on or before 01-01-1993 the rate payable is based on the veteran’s pay grade)  $1,257.95 to $2,882.42/month 
DIC (all surviving spouses of veterans who died after 01-01-1993)   $1,257.95/month 
DIC Supplement (additional benefit to the basic rate if the deceased veteran had been entitled to receive 100% SC compensation for at least 8 years immediately preceding death AND the surviving spouse was married to the veteran for the same 8 years)  $267.12/month 
DIC (each dependent child under age 18)  $311.64 additional/month 
DIC (surviving spouse in need of A&A)  $311.64 additional/month 
DIC (surviving spouse deemed housebound)  $145.99 additional/month 
DIC (2 year transitional benefit for one or more children under 18)  $270.00 additional/month 
K Award  $103.54/month 
Q Award  $67.00/month 
Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI $10,000 - $30,000 
DoD Concurrent Receipt Disability Pay Rates (Resolutions 11-18 Full Benefits (100% SC) 

DoD Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) Available to certain Military Retirees with combat or operations related disabilities that are rated compensable. For additional information please check the following web site:Military Pay

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