Intent to File

Starting March of 2015, the VA introduced a new process known as the “Intent to File” using VA Form 21-0966. This form notifies the VA that you intend to file a claim for VA compensation, pension, or survivors’ benefits but additional time is required to obtain the information needed for a completed claim. You will have one year after filing the intent to file form to file a complete claim for either: Compensation (VA Form 21-526EZ, Pension (VA Form 21-527EZ, and Survivor’s DIC/Death Pension/Accured Benefits (VA Form 21-534EZ). The date that the VA receives your intent to file for each specific benefit will be protected as the effective date for the benefit that you applied. The intent to file process allows the VA to award benefits retroactively to the received date of the intent to file. The VA will only recognize one intent to file per general benefit category at any given time. Thus, you cannot file for two claims simultaneously for the same benefit category. Once a completed claim is filed, the intent to file for that claim becomes inactive. Then you can submit a new intent to file for the same benefit category for a different issue.

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