Chaplain’s Corner

by Chaplain Jay McLeod


Greetings and Blessings to all of you today. I am
once again honored  to be able to share what God puts on my heart to share with you in this Chaplains Corner. It is always a pleasure to serve and deliver to you this article.

Once again, we find ourselves heading into the holiday season. Soon there will be the smell of fresh pies cooling after being baked. Turkey’s and Ham’s in the oven and moms, stuffing beside the mac & cheese waiting on the table. Decorations going up around the house. Shopping along with gift giving to friends and family. Good times and good memories to be made. Time for thanks as well. During this time of the year I begin my reflection of things to be thankful for over this past year. I also think about those currently serving and remembering what it was like during the Holiday’s on active duty. Those troops who were able to go home to be with family and friends as well as those left keeping the operations going.

When reflecting I am also reminded of just how fast it seems that time goes by as we get older. We should take time and smell the roses. Well personally this year has been one that has really been great. As a minister it is has had many challenges as well. However, through it all there has been much to be thankful for. Veterans Day is starring us in the face. My wife and I are going to visit fellow veterans in the homeless shelters, hospitals, nursing homes and senior living facilities. This year we have decided to adopt a Veteran for the holidays. That means we are going to find a Veteran in need and provide holiday meals for them. We are also going to be volunteering through AARP at holiday events. I challenge you to go out into your communities this year and volunteer also. While I was chatting with this WWII Veteran not long ago our conversation was about the forgotten troops who are still living regardless of when or where they served. It’s not hard to find Veterans to spend time with. One of the best holidays I’ve had was at the Salvation Army with homeless Veterans who have no connection to their families. Get out and spend the holidays with other Veterans. We are all a Band of Brothers and Sisters.  Please reach out to me if you or another Veteran is in of need assistance. I find that the more I am active helping other Veterans in need the more it makes me feel like I am still serving this great nation I love so much. There are homeless Veterans in every city who could use your help even if it’s an encouraging word.