Auxiliary’s ViewBVA Auxiliary Edna Kirksey-Dixon

by Edna Dixon

It seems that all the BVAA groups have been so busy this fall season that I have not received any news for this bulletin. My inspiration has been to do an overview of the National BVAA Officers — starting with our President, Sandy Krasnodemski and I will use the words she used to describe herself. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI where I lived with my Mom, Dad, sister and brother. I attended the University of Detroit and was a supervisor at Blue Cross for 7 years.

I met my husband, Richard, through a mutual friend. She gave me his address, and we corresponded throughout Rich’s Viet Nam tour. We were married the next year, and will be celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2018.

We have three wonderful sons and 4 terrific grandchildren. They have all been very helpful with Rich’s situation. We are truly blessed. We are a Catholic family, and I have enjoyed sharing my faith with children for more than 40 years as a religious education teacher. I am also very active in my church.

In 1991 I began volunteering at a nearby pregnancy center. As the director, there are many activities such as education, material assistance, fundraising, speaking engagements, and counseling that I oversee.

I joined the BVA Auxiliary in 2002. It has been a great experience belonging to a group which assists and supports the blinded veterans. As National Auxiliary President, I find that the convention has been an opportunity to provide support to our Auxiliary members by encouraging involvement in programs and speakers that present information for caregivers. The National BVAA board members have each been an integral part in the working of the Auxiliary, and I thank them for their dedication.

Let us join our hearts and minds in prayer for each other and for our country and its leaders. As individuals we are but a very small part of the whole but if we are joined together we can be a mighty force.

WWI Quick Facts

  • 73,000 US WWI vets were painfully disabled for life (including blindness and TB) after being gassed.

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