Auxiliary’s ViewBVA Auxiliary President Pam Hogan

by Pam Hogan​

As time is marching on, we all need to be thinking about our end-of- year activities, meaning the current BVA fiscal year and the reporting that goes along with it.

The first thing that comes to mind is to get those spouses and children of blinded veterans who are seeking higher education or vocational schools to get their scholarship applications submitted as soon as possible. Applicants can submit paperwork for both BVA and BVAA scholarships although the deadline for the BVA scholarships for the upcoming year already passed in April.

This will be the 34th year that BVAA will award the Renee Feldman Scholarships. Two recipients will receive $2,000 and one will receive $1,000 for 2017-18. The forms, guidelines, and instructions are available on the Auxiliary website, Please complete the application thoroughly and completely. If an applicant needs further information, he/she may contact Lottie Davis, Scholarship Chairperson, at 703-521-3745.

Annual meetings, along with the nominations of officers, should also be on the agenda. Please try to attend these meetings if at all possible. Annual meeting minutes, reports of officers, and financial statements are to be sent to President Sandy Krasnodemski, Treasurer Carl Hytinen, and Secretary Benjamin Holmes. All of these emails and addresses can also be found on the Auxiliary website.

As many of you know, one of the main sources of funding for the Auxiliary and the Scholarship Program is the Silent Auction at the national convention. We rely on the generosity of our members and friends for donations of a variety of items to offer for this event. If you happen to be craft-oriented and artistic, handmade items are the most sought after. You may either bring these to the convention with you or send them to Reverend Edna Kirksey-Dixon, whose mailing address is also on the website. Edna has received a few items already and is looking forward to many more.

Please let Yours Truly, Pam Hogan, know what is happening in your Auxiliary regional groups so that I can toot your horn in the BVAA Star and in subsequent issues of the BVA Bulletin. We are all anxious to hear what other groups are doing as it inspires all of us to do likewise.

Speaking of our national convention in Jacksonville August 14-18, the Auxiliary will be continuing our “Caring for the Caregiver” series with guest speakers planned for Tuesday and Wednesday. The presentations will be consistent with our mission, which is to provide aid, assistance, and support to our blinded veterans and their families, thus creating a better future.

Don’t wait too long to get registered for the convention and to secure your hotel reservations. We look forward to seeing everyone in sunny, warm Jacksonville!

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