President’s PageBVA President Dale Stamper

by Dale Stamper

The New Year is off and running.

During these early days and weeks of 2017 there are many of us who are likely making New Year’s Resolutions. Recently I came across an interesting list of the ten most commonly broken resolutions. Health and financial concerns are almost invariably at the top of the list. They include: losing weight while getting fit, kicking a smoking habit, learning something new, eating healthier and dieting, getting out of debt and saving money, spending more time with family, traveling to new places, feeling less stressed, volunteering, and drinking less.

The aforementioned goals are positive ones. Unfortunately, following through on goals of this type is often a problem. One resolution that the Blinded Veterans Association could help our members keep, for example, is to travel to Jacksonville, Florida, for the BVA 72nd National Convention. This is simply one of my thoughts in passing, but setting this type of a goal is worthwhile if you have never been to the Jacksonville area before and/or if you have never attended a BVA national convention.

I do not normally make resolutions so I do not worry about keeping them! However, I know that resolutions are important to many people. I have also witnessed over the years that those who make resolutions frequently worry intensely about whether they can keep them.

Perhaps it is time for me to personally worry just a little more about resolutions and staying true to them, especially when it comes to BVA. Other than attending the next convention, I wonder what positive things we as BVA members might resolve to accomplish and actually attain.

Because we are always in need of new members, we can start by determining to recruit blinded veterans to join our organization. Another useful resolution would be to get more personally involved in our local regional groups. Perhaps some of our members would be willing to volunteer in a medical center. Of great worth to us would be member involvement with fundraising on BVA’s behalf.

These are all lofty ambitions but they are activities in which we all can engage ourselves. It would be rewarding to look back at the end of 2017 and say that something good was accomplished for our beloved organization and that a greater number of our members than ever before were involved in making it happen.

Whatever you and I determine to do individually and collectively, even if it be minimal, I unconditionally extend my personal wishes for a happy and prosperous 2017 to all of our BVA members, their families, their friends, their caregivers, and all who generously support us in a multitude of ways. We thank you for your service and loyalty.

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