Letters to the Editor

Departing District Director Shares Heartfelt Perspectives

Farewell. Well, sort of.

As another year nears its end, many of the usual events and some unusual have occurred. New members have joined our cause, older members have passed away, and leaders have struggled to keep us on mission.

During the upcoming year, many things are for certain: new members will be recruited, new leaders will be elected, and new rules/policies will be implemented.

I will not be among the leaders. I will, instead, return to my first interest, which is serving our members and veterans as a Volunteer Service Officer.

Last year, I was honored by immediate past District 4 Director Bob Mower when he recommended that I take his place as he experienced health issues after many years of dedicated work on behalf of our veterans and BVA. I was also asked to consider running for a full term as District 4 Director.

However, I simply cannot run for election.

My health has a few issues. Getting old is hard. I also serve on many State of Washington local boards and in positions which require hands-on leadership.

I will remain a proud BVA member and member of the Spokane Inland Empire Regional Group. My full calendar of activities is actually a result of my introduction to BVA. Prior to joining

BVA, I was without direction or purpose. Joining the organization helped me develop a renewed interest and direction in life.

Today, I serve as a senior leader within the Boy Scouts, Vice Commander of my local American Legion Post, and Vice President of the Wenatchee Valley Council of the Blind. I also serve on state and local boards that provide oversite of services for our veterans. I represent our county Patriot Council and the Military Order of the Purple Heart at ceremonies. I have been, and continue to be, recruited as a guest speaker on veterans and/or blind-related issues.

My focus is service to my fellow veterans and blinded citizens. I have found my voice, which allows me to serve in these functions, thanks to BVA.

Over the years, I have made a few of you scratch your head. At the same time, I have made many new friends and associates. Thanks to you all for allowing me to serve, and for your support.

I offer my best wishes to the next District 4 Director. I want to remind you all who attended our district caucus at last year’s convention in Kentucky that we need to look to our youth (younger than I) to lead BVA into the future. Good luck to all districts holding elections this year and beyond. I will remain committed as a resource for all blinded veterans.

Thank you again, BVA.

Rae Hail
Director District 4
Wenatchee, Washington