Auxiliary’s View

Pam Hogan
by Pam Hogan

Warm Greetings from the Blinded Veterans Association Auxiliary!

Our National President, Sandy Krasnodemski, extends still another invitation to attend our convention in Milwaukee. As officers, we look forward to welcoming you there for some fruitful interaction and enjoyable sessions. It will not be the same without you.

We have special events planned for the convention once again this year. For one, we will continue with our “Caring for the Caregiver” presentations. We will also be holding our traditional Silent Auction from which every cent goes to our scholarship program. Last, but not least, we will also conduct annual business that will direct our efforts in both the immediate as well as the distant future. This will include, but certainly not be limited to, the election of officers.

The Auxiliary does not have a registration procedure for the convention aside from that prepared and communicated by BVA National Headquarters. Please go to to download materials or to request a convention pre-registration packet by email, telephone, or U.S. postal mail.

Sandy and National Secretary Melissa Johnson look forward to reading the minutes of your regional group meetings. Please note their importance in preparation for the convention week. Likewise, Sandy and National Treasurer Carl Hytinen are on the lookout for the all-important financial reports and any corrections to our membership roster.

In other updates related to the convention, Patti Hail is always looking for the ever-popular volunteer hour reports while National Vice President Edna Dixon is hoping to receive numerous goodies to bring to the Silent

Auction. I, myself, am currently searching for submissions for the BVAA Star. This is the perfect forum in which you can brag about your regional group and let it shine! Please check out the new BVAA web page,, if you have not done so already. Among other things, such as contact information, you will also locate scholarship applications. You can actually go ahead and apply to the Auxiliary at the same time you are applying for a BVAA scholarship! The Auxiliary scholarships are for the spouses as well as the children of blinded veterans.

We sadly report the passing of longtime BVAA active member Dolores Ivie, spouse of Earl Ivie, former Field Service Officer and Southern California Regional Group secretary and treasurer. Earl and Dolores both dedicated much to BVA, always with a smile. We who knew her will certainly remember and miss her fondly.