May June 2016 BVA Bulletin Table of Contents

Milwaukee Skline

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ranked in 2016 among the top ten “Best in the U.S.” places to visit, is the host city for the BVA 71st National Convention. The city balances its Germanic origins with a richness of contemporary art and design, excellence in live music, and the best in casual dining. This issue of the Bulletin highlights the proceedings, festivities, and logistics comprising this year’s gathering. Photo courtesy of Visit Milwaukee.

In This Issue

Legislative Update - by Melanie Brunson

Executive Director’s Page - by Al Avina

Fast Track to Milwaukee

Administrative Reminders For BVA’s 71st Gathering

Perseverance Reigns at Ranger Training Camp

Options Skyrocket As Audio Description Thrives - by Timothy Hornik and Terry Kebbel

American Lake BRC Attains New Heights

Suicide Prevention And the Blind Veteran - by Adele Geringer

Around BVA

Auxiliary’s View - by Pam Hogan

Letters to the Editor

In Remembrance

Final Thought