March April 2016 BVA Bulletin Table of Contents

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Chartered by the United States Congress in 1958, BVA is invited annually to present its legislative priorities, both orally and in writing, to the House and Senate Committees on Veterans Affairs. BVA National President Dale Stamper refered to Braille notes as he delivers his remarks. He was joined at the witness table by leaders of seven additional organizations. A recap of the hearing and BVA’s testimony is featured in this issue of the Bulletin.

In This Issue

Legislative Update - by Melanie Brunson

President’s Page - by Dale Stamper

Fazakerley Leadership Elevated BVA in 90s

“City of Festivals” To Welcome BVA

Victor Reader Stream And Hims Blaze ET - by Terry Kebbel and Timothy Hornik

Around BVA

Auxiliary’s View - by Pam Hogan

Of Note

From the Field Staff - by Ed Eckroth

Letters to the Editor

In Remembrance

Final Thought