The Auxiliary's View... Pam Hogan

by Pam Hogan

The time is fast approaching for us to meet again, this time in Louisville, Kentucky, at the BVA 70th National Convention.

For its part, the Auxiliary is planning a superb convention. There will be not one but three dynamic speakers on a variety of topics that concern us as caregivers of our blinded veterans.

Don’t forget to bring your checkbooks along as there will be plenty of new and interesting items up for bid in our Silent Auction! You will want to visit the auction room frequently to assure that you are not outbid on something you really want!

As our Visual Impairment Services Teams (VISTs) at the medical centers are dealing with tighter requirements for paperwork and annual reviews, you, our BVAA members, may wish to contact the VIST Coordinators with offers to assist them in getting the little things done for our blinded veterans.

Folding newsletters, making phone calls (if approved), planning, helping with a recreational outing, or just being there for a VIST support group meeting are but a few of the tasks needing attention. While you are there onsite visiting with the veterans and their spouses, you could make mention of both BVA and the Auxiliary and what we do for our veterans.

Sharing the message of the two organizations most assuredly encourages membership. Becoming a VA Volunteer is an intricate process but the benefits certainly outweigh the effort. Nationally, BVA and the BVAA need your service hours and so do the veterans.

For the second time around, our Renee Feldman Scholarship in the amount of $2,000 has been awarded to Ariel Robin Taylor of Florida. Ariel is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Supply Chain Logistics. Congratulations to you, Ariel!

The Florida Regional Group held its state convention in May. BVAA National President Sandy Krasnodemski and Vice President Edna Kirksey-Dixon were in attendance. There was a good representation of Auxiliary members and several meetings were held despite a logistical error in assigning a dedicated meeting location.

Notwithstanding the happy moments we shared there, sad news came on the Monday following the convention. Nancy Geden, longtime BVAA member and most recently the elected Vice President of the Florida Regional Group Auxiliary, passed away suddenly. Nancy will be very much missed as she was one who was always there to support the Auxiliary and the veterans of BVA. Our deepest condolences are extended to her husband Bill.

Submissions for the quarterly BVA Bulletin column or to the BVAA Star newsletter can be sent to me via e-mail, Please keep them coming!