And Whose Hand Would God Use?

by Reverend Edna Dixon

There once was a lady who was experiencing great trouble in her life. Everything she did seemed to make matters worse. In desperation she went to her church to pray. She knelt at the front and implored God to acknowledge her prayer. She prayed: “Lord, I know you are in charge and I know that my life is developing exactly as it should but I need to know that you are aware of my troubled situation. Please reach down and just touch me. I need to feel your presence.”

Just at that moment she felt a hand rest lightly on her shoulder. She was in great awe as she uttered a prayer of thanksgiving: “Oh, thank you God for answering my humble prayer. Thank you for touching me.”

Almost afraid to look, she slowly turned her head and looked over her shoulder. There stood her best friend, and she said: “Oh, I thought God had reached down and touched me but it is only you.”  Her friend softly answered, “And whose hand did you think He would use?”

Are we aware that God has no physical manifestation? That God uses us—our hands, eyes, and voice, to be His messengers. God, The Supreme Being, has no physical expression, no way to reach down and touch us. Only through a person, a personality, can this love in action be expressed. As we go about our daily tasks we are the hands, voice, and actions of God himself. He can only use the portion of ourselves that we surrender to Him to implement His plan.

How are you expressing yourself? Do you ask for guidance each day to be His voice, His hands, to express His love? Before you leave your room each morning, do you stop and offer yourself to be used by God for that day? What wonderful things we might accomplish if we but remember that we are God or His Spirit in action. We express His love through our eyes and our voice. We may not be able to sing but we can speak words of encouragement to others.

One day last week I was waiting with an elderly friend in a medical center when a nurse walked down the hall. She smiled as she passed and said, “Good morning, and how are you?” I answered, “I’m terrific, wonderful.”

A few minutes later she came back and stood in front of me with her right hand outstretched,  palm down. She says, “Please give me some of your enthusiasm.” I looked up and she had huge tears in her eyes. I stood up and gave her a big hug, patted her on the back and murmured to her, “It will be okay; everything is in Divine Order.” She just clung to me for a few more moments and then turned and walked away.

I have no idea what her problems were or if I helped in any way, but I was where I was supposed to be. I was expressing God’s love when I hugged her and assured her that God was in charge and all would be well.

Do we take advantage of opportunities that God puts before us to be His hands, His voice, or to give someone a hug? How often do we allow these small windows of time to close before we respond? Our lives are the only glimpse some people may ever have of the Spirit of God within us.   

In addition to her responsibilities as Auxiliary National Vice President, Edna Dixon has been president of the Pensacola, Florida, BVAA Support group for nine years.