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BVA President Mark Cornell by Mark Cornell

The 2014 calendar year is winding to a close and 2015 is upon us. It’s been quite a year for us as we examine it in retrospect. The opportunity to do such evaluation is what makes this time of year unique. While there were both successes and things not so successful, the future of the Blinded Veterans Association is still on course. We will continue to make changes that make it better for both headquarters and the membership.

That stated, I hereby formally announce that the New Year will bring a new beginning for BVA. Our national headquarters will be relocating to nearby Alexandria, Virginia, just across the Potomac River to the south of the Nation’s Capital. Our move will take us to 125 N. West Street, where we will be temporarily located on the third floor of the Fleet Reserve Association building. The date of the move is tentatively scheduled so that staff and office equipment will be at the new site on Monday, January 26.

The toll-free number for Headquarters, 1-800-669-7079, will be retained and calls to the previous local number will likely be forwarded for a short time. Email addresses will also remain the same. Headquarters will disseminate additional information about the move and ways to contact BVA via, existing email groups, regional group officers, and District Directors.

As most are aware, the new 114th Congress will convene in January 2015. I look forward to meeting with individual members of Congress to revisit important issues and add others that we will include in our upcoming Congressional testimony.

Plans for my final six months as National President include encouraging support for a change in Article III of the National Bylaws so that we have greater strength in numbers. Securing additional Field Service Officers hired to help our veterans with claims is also a priority. Thirdly, I hope to increase the trust of our membership in the Board of Directors to do what is best for them and BVA as a whole.

Both my family and the BVA family bid you Season’s Greetings during this special time of year. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Festive Kwanzaa.

May BVA enjoy a prosperous 2015 as the official voice for America’s blinded veterans.