Letters to the Editor


Thank You, BVA and VA


I wish to thank BVA for all it does for us vets. 

I am a legally blind veteran who has been able to take advantage of technology that has made my life more independent. I have also attended a residential blind rehabilitation program. I firmly believe that if I hadn't gone, I would be a couch potato. The experience got me going and from there I started a low-vision support group here at my local hospital. I can't say enough for what these programs and benefits have done for me.

I understand that BVA spearheaded the actions that have made these programs possible. I, for one, have experienced a total change in my outlook on life because of them.

Paul Dailer 
St. Clair, Michigan

Condolences to Miller Family


I was truly sorry to hear about the passing of Ron Miller. I knew of him and met with him briefly on different occasions over the years. He was a hard-working man but this characteristic did not overshadow his kindness. I send my deepest respect and sympathies to his family and friends on behalf of both the Cornell family and the South Texas Regional Group.

Mark Cornell
BVA National Vice President
San Antonio, Texas