The Auxiliary's View... 

by Darian Slayton Fleming

We wish to remember Renee R. Feldman, a charter member of the BVA Auxiliary and one of the primary forces behind its inauguration and organization in 1977. We express our sadness that Renee passed away on March 30. We communicate our condolences to her family and all close to her.

Renee was a strong supporter of BVA and continued to believe in the purpose of BVAA to assist and promote the causes of blinded veterans and their families. Most near and dear to her, of course, was the Auxiliary's scholarship program that bears her name in honor of her preoccupation with the program and all she contributed to it.

At press time for this issue of the Bulletin, recipients are being selected for the 2012-13 Feldman scholarships, a tradition we plan to continue.

"We miss her very much but are comforted by the assurance that her legacy continues in many ways, which includes remembering her through the Renee R. Feldman Scholarship Fund," her son Bruce told me. I think that all of us, even those who didn't know her well or at all, would feel the same way. 

BVAA is gearing up for the BVA 67th National Convention. It is always a great pleasure to see our old friends and then greet new members at these annual gatherings. Early registration for the convention ended June 20 and the hotel cutoff date was July 20. For those who have suddenly decided they'd like to attend, check out the information on the BVA website and get in touch with BVA National Headquarters as quickly as possible.

We have a full convention program and agenda all prepared to implement! Our silent auction is always fun. If you or your regional group can contribute an item or items to this project, please bring them with you. Proceeds from this tradition go to the Feldman scholarships. BVAA cookbooks will also be available again. In addition, we will elect officers at our Thursday morning business meeting. Please be thinking about who you wish to see occupy these important positions and then get their permission to nominate them.

By popular demand, this convention will again feature a BVAA interactive discussion on the topic of helping our veterans while also helping ourselves. If you would like to serve as a panelist, please contact me ( or 503-253-9543) or our National President, Patti Hail ( If you have topics or questions you would like included, please send them also.

We hope that many of you out there are working on new BVAA regional groups. We understand that we will be welcoming several new groups this year. If things are coming together quickly for any prospective groups, please get the relevant information to Patti Hail, and to our National Secretary, Sandy Krasnodemski, as soon as possible. Feel free also to contact any of the BVAA National Officers with any questions or problems you may have.

We are always in need of inspirational stories or anecdotes relating to your experiences, challenges, needs, discoveries, or exciting group activities. We would love to print them in our Bulletin column, in the BVAA Star, or in the BVAA E-Star.