Letters to the Editor


Tips for Playing Musical Instruments


I have developed a procedure that I believe can help the visually impaired continue to develop their skills on the piano and other musical instruments. This procedure is valuable enough to me to want to share it with our Bulletin readership.

I make use of "E-Z Play" music, an unsophisticated style of publishing the printed notes. According to this style, created by the Hal Leonard Corporation of Milwaukee, the treble cleft is displayed boldly with notes large and easy to read. The accompanying chords are also added.

Once I have selected a song, my wife, Martina, has the music sheet enlarged by about 130 percent. My piano coach then adds the chords with a bold marker. The next step is for Martina to mount the sheets on paper board, which give them durability.

I am certain that this technique could be of value to other visually impaired musicians.

George Boe
Pearland, Texas

National Veterans TEE Tournament


I recently returned from the 2012 National Veterans TEE Tournament in Iowa City. We had 240 visually impaired and otherwise disabled vets along with more than 400 volunteers and VA staff.

This was the second year for me and I hope more of us can take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy adaptive golf, bowling, and other sports and recreation next September.

The TEE Tournament is one of the best ways for blinded veterans to get together and to take advantage of, and demonstrate, their independence.

John G. Heubach
Golden Valley, MN