Chaplain's Corner

Reverend Clyde Jackson by Reverend Clyde Jackson

Limitations in Life


Do you remember the story of a small train engaged in a task of pulling a heavy load to the top of a mountain?

The Little Engine That Could recounts how an exhausted, out-of-power little engine began to chant: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" just as it seemed impossible for it to continue. Because of the momentum and feeling generated by the chant, the engine did complete its mission successfully.

The same moral is found in a biography about Sammy Davis, Jr. entitled Yes, I Can. The book contains the story of Davis's youthful years and also includes how he started out in show business. Many will argue that Sammy Davis, Jr. is one of the more entertaining personalities of our time.

Both of these stories teach a fundamental lesson, which is that none of us should ever give up on what we believe in our hearts that God would have us to do.

Have we really tried to accomplish our God-given goals? We must know that being anointed is having the special ability given of God to perform a specific task. To possess divine authority is to have received it directly from God.

Our BVA motto is "Blinded Veterans Helping Blinded Veterans." What comes to our minds when we hear the words, "Yes we can" in relation to this motto? Do we really try to help one another or, for purposes of self-gratification, do we try to inject obstacles into the process or situation, consciously or unconsciously? Let us work together by loving one another, sharing with one another, and sacrificing for one another.