The Auxiliary's View...

by Darian Slayton Fleming

The BVA cookbooks are ready. Purchasing one of our cookbooks will help support the Auxiliary, which will in turn help fund future BVAA programs.

You may preorder the cookbooks or buy them at this year's national convention. Pre-orders cost $10 for a book or CD. If you purchase both, the cost is $15. Pre-orders must be received by BVAA National Vice President

Karen Teachout before June 1. Books and CDs picked up at the convention will not have to pay anything additional for postage.

Convention prices for the cookbooks will be $12 per book or CD. The two purchased together will be $18. For orders that must be mailed, an additional $1 per item will be added for shipping and handling.

Pre-orders must be received by June 1. Contact Karen Teachout for more information or to submit pre-orders at, or at 989-473-2446.

The cookbooks are "blind friendly" in several ways. First, they are in large print. Secondly, the recipes in the book are relatively simple, having been compiled with the blind and visually impaired foremost in mind. Third, the book is on CD. And, remember, these cookbooks make great gifts.

Another topic of significance this time of year is that of our Auxiliary raffle. Each year, we must follow the rules of the state and local jurisdiction in which the convention is being held. This year, a BVAA raffle is again planned. Bring some extra cash or your checkbook to contribute to this raffle. We will also continue our traditional Silent Auction and sale of miscellaneous items. The Silent Auction is our primary fundraiser each year for scholarships.

I am also happy to report that several new groups across the country are organizing! Rosters, minutes, officers, and bylaws will hopefully be sent to us soon so that charters can be presented at the convention. We also invite previously chartered groups to update their information and be officially welcomed back.

Dues of $10 for 2011-12 must be paid soon for all who wish to keep their BVAA memberships current. Please mail the funds and supporting document to Carl Hytinen, BVAA Treasurer and Membership Chair, 14 Marehaven Drive, Seekonk, MA 02771. Members whose dues are received by June 30, 2011 will be included in a new 2011-12 membership directory that will be available at the convention. Please include the name of your BVA family member or friend and state your relationship to him or her when submitting the information.

BVAA now publishes its aforementioned newsletter on a quarterly basis. You may send stories about your regional successes, strategies, and needs to me at, or call 503-522-3272. We would like to send copies to members via email as much as possible in order to reduce costs. If you have not received a newsletter and wish to do so, please contact Patti Hail at, or call her at 541-315-0029. For more information about BVAA, please go also to