Chaplain's Corner

by Reverend Clyde Jackson

Having a Measure of Faith


Faith is the act of believing. Faith is trusting. Faith is, at times, a desire for something to occur to satisfy our longing or our emotions. Individuals may desire something so desperately that they would do anything to make it happen. They should place the situation or problem in God's hands and let Him handle it.

We can often get caught up in the "I can do it" way of thinking instead of asking God for guidance for a successful outcome. God knows our needs and desires. And, if there is something that will harm us, God will not grant that thing in order to protect us. If there is something that will help us, God will then allow us to have our desires or wants met — as a blessing to us.

Faith is the substance of something that is hoped for, which is a desired expectancy. Substance is the divine existence of something that one would want. Faith is also the evidence of something that has not been seen with the naked eye until its actual appearance. Confidence is a word synonymous with faith for those who would rather say "I confide in this" than say "I have faith in this person or thing." We should all have a measure of faith in one another that will truly reflect our motto "Blinded Veterans Helping Blinded Veterans."

I was down one day, and
God could have thrown me away.
He could have let me down,
But instead He sent someone to lift me up.

That person was a veteran who pulled me to safety.

Let us have a measure of faith and/or confidence in God to help us help one another. We will find that helping someone else is the greatest thing we can do. It has gratifying effects, making us feel that we have truly accomplished something in the life of another to make it better than it otherwise would have been.