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Roy Kekahuna by Roy Kekahuna

I hope that your summer has thus far been filled with fun, travel, and much family time spent together.

Elaborating on the subject of travel, I hope to see many of you at the Washington, DC, celebration of our 65th anniversary. Remember that this year’s convention can be a daily walk or ride into our own heritage and the history of our great Republic.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to visit the famous memorials, museums, and buildings that symbolize our liberties. Enjoy the convenience of our hotel location with the numerous dining options and access to the Washington area’s Metrorail system. Absorb the history in our very own national headquarters building. Enjoy the camaraderie at our social events. Learn in our business sessions about our organizational accomplishments and the challenges that face us.

In short, if you are not already packing your bags for this convention, please start doing so now!

At this time also, I express my appreciation to the BVA staff members for their hard work and dedication to our cause. When you meet them at the convention or elsewhere, perhaps even on the telephone, please thank them for their service to you. Along with the Mid-Atlantic Regional Group, they have worked tirelessly on making this one of the most unforgettable BVA gatherings ever. BVA 65th Anniversary SealWhile at the convention, we can feel a sense of pride in our own identity as veterans. We can feel good about what we have accomplished in the midst of great adversity in our lives. Our sense of satisfaction can be complete in having helped fulfill a significant directive in the BVA mission—to individually assume our rightful place in our community and in society generally.

Please stay safe and healthy until we meet again, which will hopefully be at the long-awaited BVA 65th National Convention.