The Auxiliary's View... 

by Joyce Thornton-Gilbert

Thanks to the leadership of BVA National Auxiliary President Hazel Powell, BVAA is preparing with great deliberation for the BVA 65th National Convention in Washington, DC. Once again, the Auxiliary is responsible for the Silent Auction with the purpose of gathering funds for our scholarship program. The scholarships directly benefit the spouses and children of legally blinded veterans.

The Silent Auction presents a wonderful opportunity for blinded veterans and their families to do a little shopping for something unique to take home for their families. We hope that Auxiliary members will donate the types of items that will attract customers and encourage a purchase or two. The nicer the item, of course, the more funds it will generate for this vital program. With a college and university education becoming more and more costly, the scholarship awards are also increasingly important to students who receive them.

Regional group auxiliaries throughout the country are undoubtedly getting ready to elect new officers for the coming year. They are hopefully, at the same time, designing projects to raise funds for the support of blinded veterans and their families. The Florida Regional Group Auxiliary, for example, is preparing a 50/50 raffle for the state convention in Daytona Beach. The tickets sold will support the Florida scholarship fund.

We have many other opportunities before us that can make a difference in the lives of blinded veterans and their families. Sometimes just socializing with one another renews long-lasting friendships and creates new ones. Such friendships often bring experiences that remain among our most rewarding and meaningful.

Remember that BVAA is only as strong as its members. May we do everything possible to strengthen one another and thus increase our collective strength and efforts to better serve our beloved blinded veterans, their families, and the Blinded Veterans Association.

I look forward to celebrating BVA’s historic 65th anniversary with as many of you as possible. Please do everything possible to make your August trip to Washington, DC a reality.