Membership Urged to Action

by Roy Young, Director of District 6 and National Fundraising Chair

The services provided by BVA are needed as much now as they ever have been in the past.

As our membership continues to grow, we encourage everyone to participate in an effort to make federal employees aware that BVA is part of the annual Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

CFC is a program that encourages federal employees to choose or specify a nonprofit organization such as BVA for a personal donation. Employees make the donation directly from their income to the organization by locating a five-digit catalogue number, which in BVA’s case is 10513. They can also donate to a general fund of CFC. BVA is listed among the CFC-eligible organizations in a section entitled Military, Veterans, and Patriotic Service Organizations of America (MVPSOA).

Federal employees with whom blinded veterans may be familiar and who are capable of making a CFC donation include mail carriers, VIST Coordinators, Orientation and Mobility Instructors, and military personnel.

Federal government agencies throughout the country, including medical centers and clinics, often host annual CFC fairs during the autumn season at which charitable organizations like BVA set up tables to distribute literature and to discuss and promote their programs. Such events present an opportunity for regional groups to make federal employees aware of what BVA does locally and to garner support for our Advocacy, Field Service, and Operation Peer Support programs. Dates for the fairs held at VA Medical Centers can often be obtained through VA VIST Voluntary Services offices.

The U.S. Postal Service has similar fairs. Dates can usually be obtained from local post offices. An appearance at such an event is, again, great exposure for regional groups within their local communities.

It is also possible for BVA members to thank their letter carriers for excellent service and at the same time ask them to specify BVA in a personal donation. Another means of enlisting the help of mail carriers would be to ask them if they know of any blind or visually impaired veterans on their routes and, if so, to let them know about BVA and the existence of a regional group in the immediate area.

For any additional information or assistance, please feel free to contact me at I am especially happy to provide a suggested thank you letter for federal employees whom you know have already donated to BVA. Additional help is also available at