Letters to the Editor...


Editor Addresses Autumn Miscue


In the words of one loyal but disappointed BVA Bulletin reader, the Autumn issue of our print version contained “a glowing error” that will not soon be forgotten on my end as I mistakenly described Navy Chief Petty Officer John Crabtree as Army Chief Petty Officer Crabtree.

The error was particularly “glowing” because it appeared in a caption describing what would have otherwise been one of our more visually attractive cover photos.

If nothing else, the photo’s contents should have been a dead giveaway. After all, the picture shows Chief Petty Officer Crabtree wearing a Navy cap. To make matters worse, the term “Army Chief Petty Officer” should have automatically hit a raw nerve. After all, there is no such thing as an Army Chief Petty Officer.

If there is a lesson to be learned, or perhaps a lesson to be reinforced since it is one I learned back in high school journalism, one can never proofread nor double-check facts too many times before publishing something. Short of complete disaster, there is no turning back once 14,000 copies have been printed.

Thank you to those who alerted me to the error early on so that I could correct it in our cassette and online versions. Thank you also to those who read the caption and chuckled, as many did. Just this once, thank you to those who did not read it or who somehow read the lines without noticing the “glow” of the error. And, most of all, thanks to John Crabtree for his understanding.

Stuart Nelson
Bulletin Editor