The Auxiliary's View... 

by Peter Davis

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year to reach out to a newly blinded veteran?  How about volunteering one day a week at your VA Medical Center after having contacted your local VIST or BVA Volunteer Office? What about contacting your regional group president or chapter president about perhaps assisting with the next meeting? Have you offered to help educate someone about what to do when meeting a blind person? 

Questions and more questions, but only you know the answers. If you haven’t already become a proactive Auxiliary member, helping blind veterans and educating them about coping with the challenges of blindness, there is no time better to begin than now. Your efforts will help build a better America for all of us.

One last reminder about the 2008-09 Auxiliary scholarships: Please encourage anyone who may be eligible to contact Barbara Stocking urgently for the application materials (see Around BVA). Once this Bulletin issue is printed and distributed, there will not be much time left for potential applicants to prepare all of the necessary materials before the May 1 deadline.

Did you receive something for Christmas that made you smile and thank the giver but for which you cannot think of any particular use? Please consider donating the item to the 2008 Auxiliary Silent Auction!  Whenever you’re ready, send it to Faye Duvall, 4053 West Gardenia Avenue, Phoenix, AZ  85051, or bring it with you to Phoenix in person.

Our Membership Chair, Ann Case, also needs your help. Ann wishes to work harder in the processing of new members. Won’t you try to work her harder by recruiting new members?  If you need membership forms, it is now even easier to obtain them. Go to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Group’s website,, and download the form. Reach for your computer. All of the information is right there for you.

Start making plans now to join your fellow Auxiliary members at this year’s BVA and BVAA National Conventions. We’ll have lunch together one day at a site to be announced. Your assistance with this and all of our activities is always welcome.