The Auxiliary's View... 

by Joyce Thornton

Silent Auction Successful


The National BVA Auxiliary once again had a successful silent auction. This achievement will allow six deserving students to receive a $1,000 scholarship. We thank all of the Auxiliary members who so generously contributed items and brought us these results.

New officers were also elected for the coming year. We congratulate them on being elected and for being willing to serve. Hazel Powell is our National President once again while Pat Grant was elected as the new Vice President. Sandy Krasnodemski will continue in her role as National Secretary and Ann Case is the newly elected Treasurer. I am pleased to be back as the Reporter after a one-year hiatus. I wish all of us a happy and productive year.

Helping All Our Veterans Now


It should not surprise any of us that our challenge for the coming year is to assist veterans in our home areas in whatever capacity we can. Whether it is a phone call, a visit, providing a meal, or helping with transportation, we need to let our veterans in need know that we as individuals and as an organization are willing to help.

I must compliment Bill and Nancy Geden of Citrus County, Florida, who, on a weekly basis, deliver food from a pantry that they maintain continually. This is done simply to make sure that veterans do not go hungry.

Maybe you cannot do exactly what Bill and Nancy do. Nevertheless, there are a myriad of other things that you can do in your community to add to the quality of life of a veteran, or perhaps two veterans, or perhaps three, four, five, and on and on.

White Cane Day is coming soon. In the community of Fort Myers, the agencies serving visually impaired persons are participating in a walkathon to celebrate the day. BVA is one of the participants. The walkers will donate $20 and receive a tee shirt, lunch, and a chance at prizes.

Lee County is declaring October 11 as its official White Cane Day. Several service organizations, including BVA, are participating and will benefit from an arrangement in which donations will be shared.

I am sure many of you have creative White Cane Day ideas for your towns and cities. Please make the most of the opportunities available to you, especially when you have the time, resources, and good health to make a difference.