Letters to the Editor...


Corrections and Additions


 The Summer issue of the Bulletin (“BVA Mourns Loss of Loyal Servants,” p. 8) stated inaccurately that General and Sheila Weeks had a son named William. The latter is actually a grandson and the couple had two sons instead of the reported three. General also passed away on August 24, 2008 and not August 28 as stated.

For space reasons in the Summer issue, the Bulletin omitted the fact that General was also a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2017 and part of its Honor Guard for 30 years, a commitment that Sheila indicated was very near and dear to General.

A space problem also prevented us from listing the eight BVA members from the Gem State Regional Group who won 26 medals at the VA Golden Age Games in Indianapolis last August. Led by Coach Val Duffy, the blinded veteran “Spudinators” consisted of Bob Addington, Marvin Hitchcock, Jack Kesgard, Ken Kraft, Art Motz, Jim Near, Bob Schaney, and Al Sedivy.

The Bulletin regrets the errors and omissions.

Stuart Nelson
Bulletin Editor

Convention Mexican Fiesta     


It was our distinct pleasure and honor to have BVA in our post home for the Mexican Fiesta during your convention week in Phoenix.

We were all very humbled by the experience and were especially moved by the presence of the veterans who had served in Iraq. It is with great pleasure that I inform you that the entire event was donated by the American Legion Post 41 family. We thank you for allowing us the pleasure of hosting you and for the obvious good work your organization is doing for our veterans.

Robert P. Hernandez 
Commander, Post 41
The American Legion
Phoenix, AZ