The Auxiliary's View...

by Joyce Thornton

On behalf of our national BVA Auxiliary, Happy and Prosperous New Year to all of you. Although I realize that my greeting may not reach you before well into the New Year, may it still carry the same sincerity and earnest hope that it would have conveyed in early January.

I hope that all of our Auxiliary members are beginning to think about the national convention and the auction that supports our scholarship program. The BVA 62nd National Convention is a particularly important one for us. It could be a turning point. Budget/Finance Committee member Pat Taylor reported to us in Buffalo that our scholarship funds are in dire need of a boost. Without additional income, she stated, the funds will be depleted by August 2008.

Because our funds are becoming low, we must work that much harder to offset the trend. We must all make a greater effort to see that our auction merchandise is irresistible, keeping in mind all the while that the scholarship funds mean so very much to the spouses and children who receive them. Our longtime chairperson, Barbara Stocking, has previously reported on the many letters of thanks and appreciation she has received from recipients.

In order for the Auxiliary to continue offering the three scholarships and two stipends that total $8,000, it is critical that convention attendees in Albuquerque visit the silent auction room and place bids on the items. Please keep in mind that our auction and raffle generate the majority of the funds.

We may soon be receiving completed membership applications from friends and relatives of those serving in our current conflicts, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. We must labor as hard as we can to keep the funds available and not disappoint those who are eligible and deserving of the assistance. Thank you for working together to continue this important program.

Please contact me with Auxiliary news regionally or any other contributions you may have for a future issue of the Bulletin. My phone number is 239-433-7722.

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