The Auxiliary's View... 

by Peter Davis

As we finish unpacking from Albuquerque, let us not forget our friendships, both new and renewed. Let these memories last a very long time.

I am your newly elected BVAA Reporter. I am 65 years young, a Vietnam veteran, married to Lottie for 35 years, a BVA member for more than 30 years, and a BVA Auxiliary member for the past five years.

I am also president of the BVA Mid-Atlantic Regional Group. You might ask: Is this a conflict?  My response: Not in the least. Both organizations have the same goals: serving and supporting blinded veterans and their families. With this in mind, let’s look ahead.

Dr. Norman Jones, the newly elected National President of our parent organization, challenged all of us, BVA and BVAA members alike, to increase our membership in the coming year. He reminded all of us that we can either grow by replacing our World War II veterans and their spouses with new members, or we can cease being the same viable organization. He suggested that each of us bring in just one new member to help with this task. Doing so can only help BVAA and BVA both grow and grow together!

Many BVAA and BVA members are participating this year in “White Cane” Day activities scheduled throughout the month of October. I encourage you as individuals and BVAA groups to help educate as many people, from kindergarten to seniors, on the role and importance of the white cane to both the blind and the general public. Please emphasize its importance in identifying a blind person and making possible his/her safe travel.

Your scholarship fund was again able to assist college students with $8,000 in grants for the current 2007-08 academic year. Your continued support of the fund is needed to continue this outreach. Direct gifts to the fund can be sent to BVAA National Treasurer Janice Bianculli, 35 Port View Road, South Chatham, MA 02659. Remember to begin collecting and saving your items for next year’s Silent Auction. The auction brought in more than $2,000 this year.

Your 2007-08 BVAA newly elected national officers are happy and willing to begin serving. They are: Dora Gabe, President; Joan Langworthy, Vice President; Sandy Krasnodemski, Secretary; Janice Bianculli, Treasurer; and Pete Davis, Reporter. Appointed at the convention were Ted Noddin as Sergeant-at-Arms, Rose Marie Johnson as Parliamentarian, and The Reverend Edna Kirksey-Dixon as BVAA National Chaplain.

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