The Auxiliary's View...

by Joyce Thornton

Summer is nearly upon us once again, the season that we always associate with our state conventions and most certainly the national convention.

We are once again seeking quality items to support our Auxiliary silent auction. It is critical that we have a particularly successful silent auction in Albuquerque if we are going to continue offering the same scholarship opportunities.

This is a topic that will be foremost on our agenda in August. We will need suggestions from everyone regarding ways we can continue this important program since funds could run out within three years. Ideas, which can be directed to National President Dora Gabe, are also welcomed before the convention. Dora can be reached in Tucson, Arizona, at 520-290-5624 or at

The Auxiliary donations are generating funds for only three scholarships and cash donations are lower than in previous years. Therefore, the National Auxiliary is tapping into reserve funds to pay for scholarships. Although these are difficult times, to be sure, we will continue to do our best to fulfill our scholarship program obligations.

The National Auxiliary Board gratefully acknowledges an early donation of $500 from BVA’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Group, which is presided over by Peter Davis. The group is also generously donating $100 for the Auxiliary luncheon in Albuquerque.

The Florida Regional Group of BVAA has had some success with its program to contact lonely veterans. A phone call to someone living alone can mean so much. So many veterans sit alone and the phone never rings. Loneliness can eat away at a person’s spirit. Auxiliary members could make a difference with a friendly phone call inquiring about a veteran’s health and welfare. Won’t YOU help make that difference?

Some of our loyal Auxiliary members may have forgotten to renew their memberships and make their payment of dues current. Article VIII of our national bylaws stipulates that memberships are in effect July 1-June 30 each year and that dues of $10 should be paid before June 30.

If you would like to renew a membership or join BVAA for the first time, please send your dues to Membership Chair Ann Case, 4905 Round Rock Drive, El Paso, TX 79924-1110.

I hope to see many of you, more than ever before, at the BVA 62nd National Convention. It is always fun and exhilarating to meet everyone again.

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