BVA Wishes Army a Happy Birthday

Today, 243 years ago on June 14, 1775, the Continental Congress authorized the enlistment of riflemen to serve the colonies for one year. They authorized ten companies from across the colonies to assist in the siege of Boston. The Continental Army was born. The number of companies would grow as authorizations reached outside of New England. That small amateur force grew over the years into the world’s greatest Army and the largest branch in the U.S. military.

Our Soldiers have answered the call over 243 years, from the Revolutionary War, the US Civil War, the Indian Wars, WWI and II, to conflicts today in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just a couple of weeks ago we commemorated the anniversary of D-Day in 1944 when our soldiers stormed the beaches at Normandy to begin the invasion of Europe and put an end to Fascism.

We, at the Blinded Veterans Association, want to wish the past and present Soldiers, Civilians, and the families of our US Army a happy 243rd birthday. May you remain “Army Strong” another 243 years.