EVAS To Ensure Customer Accessibility

Around the end of May, Electronic Vision Access Solutions (EVAS) started receiving technical support requests regarding the AVG Internet Security, a software native to EVAS computers for protecting the devices against viruses, malwares, etc. The requests were related to accessibility features when using AVG Internet Security.

Upon reviewing the situation, EVAS’s technicians found out that the software was automatically updating to the 2017 version and there was no way to roll back to the accessible 2016 version as stated by AVAST (the company that owns AVG). They determined that the current version of AVG Internet Security was mostly incompatible to screen readers.

So, to fulfill the need of their clients and to abide by their mission, EVAS has decided to switch from AVG Internet Security to Sophos Clean™ (formerly known as HitmanPro™). Sophos Limited has been in the IT Security Industry for nearly 30 years, where they have secured networks for companies like Ford, Pixar, and Avis®. An accessible version of Sophos Clean™ will run along with Windows Defender (a software native to all Windows computers). Windows Defender will run continuously on background, whereas Sophos Clean™ can only be executed on demand by the users.

For the purpose of appointment scheduling, EVAS’s Customer Service Team will contact the customers whose computers or AVG license renewals were shipped out in May and June of 2017. During that appointment, an EVAS Technical Support Engineer will remotely connect to the customer’s computer, uninstall AVG Internet Security, enable Windows Defender, and install an accessible version of Sophos Clean™ along with a three-year license.

EVAS has received calls from customers who have had no issues with the updated version of AVG Internet Security and its accessibility feature. EVAS has determined that such a situation is random one. Keeping in mind the random nature of the issue and some of EVAS’s customers staying with AVG, EVAS has decided to offer three years of Sophos Clean™ along with an appointment with an EVAS Technical Support Engineer to remove AVG Internet Security, enable Windows Defender, and install Sophos Clean™ as an affordable bundle item to customers with computers still under warranty, or computers which have an active AVG renewal shipped prior to May 2017.

For more information, or to get Technical Support regarding this situation, please call EVAS Customer Service (800-872-3827). Prior to calling, please have the EVAS System Serial Number or the Purchase Order Number handy.