Blinded Veterans’ Podcast Now Available Through Various Platforms

The Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) has announced the availability of its Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music, Tumblr, and via Podbean.

Stations will be added continuously to allow listeners to use their favorite platform. First-time listeners are urged to search for “The BVA Podcast” on the aforementioned platforms and either subscribe or follow. The act of subscribing/following allows the listeners to be notified on their Smartphones each time a new episode of the podcast releases.

Once listeners have subscribed or committed to follow the Podcast, they will find the pilot episode entitled “Focus on the Hill.” They may follow the same steps in listening to and subscribing to the Podcast on Google Play Music.

The link to the Podcast on iTunes is However, listeners must install iTunes on their devices in order to play the podcast. To subscribe to the BVA Podcast on Podbean, visit, or the Podbean mobile application and search for “The BVA Podcast.” Select BVA Podcast and click on or touch Follow. The direct link to BVA’s Podcast is

Listeners can also visit BVA’s Tumblr page, to listen to the latest episode of the Podcast. They can also follow BVA on Tumblr to stay up-to-date on what is available.