Join BVA!

By becoming a BVA affiliate member, you are not only supporting our free programs for blinded veterans, you are also lending your voice to the Association as we advocate for policies and issues that affect every blinded veteran. With over 50 Regional Groups around the country, you can also take part on a local level in social events and raising awareness of the challenges facing blinded veterans.

BVA's Board Members and Staffs at the joint hearing of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees.

Who Is Qualified?

Any person or organization falling in the following criterias is eligible to become a BVA Affiliate Member.

Types of BVA Membership:

Veterans & First Responders Affiliate Member:

Veterans, First Responders, and Astronauts can become Veterans & First Responders Affiliate Member for $50.00. Click here to join.

Occupational Affiliate Member:

Anyone falling in the following criteria can become an Occupational Affiliate Member for as little as $75.00. Click here to join.

Blind Rehabilitation Services
Low Vision Optometrist:     $75.00  
Blind Rehabilitation Instructor:         $75.00  
Blind Rehabilitation Optometrist:         $75.00  
Recreational Therapist:         $75.00  
VIST Coordinator:  $75.00  
BROS:         $75.00  

Health & Human Services
Nurse:     $75.00  
Social Worker:         $75.00  
Veterans Administration Staff:         $75.00  
Department Of Defense Staff :         $75.00  

Surgeons:   $150.00

Researchers:   $150.00

Community Leadership
Local:     $100.00  
State:         $100.00  
Federal:         $100.00  

Organizational Affiliate Member:

Any organization falling in the following criteria can become an Organizational Affiliate Member for as little as $300.00. Click here to join.

State and Federal Agency:     $300.00  
Small Business or Non-Profit:         $500.00  
Corporate or Large Non-Profit:         $1500.00  
Fortune 500:         $5000.00