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You may contact any BVA National Officer or Staff Member by addressing your email correspondence to that individual using the links below, or send a message to for our general mailbox. You can also call BVA toll-free at 800-669-7079 and leave a message for the person you wish to speak with on the BVA automated voicemail system. To speak to a Field Service Officer, contact our Field Service Hotline toll free at 844-250-5180 or emal You can also send a fax to 202-371-8258.

BVA General Mailbox

Executive Director

Al Avina

Administrative Director

Brigitte Jones

Scholarship Coordinator

Lindsay Ruais

Director of the Field Service Program

Edward Eckroth

Director of Government Relations

Melanie Brunson

Manager of Communications

Stuart Nelson

Chief Financial Officer

Kathy Ruais

Membership Coordinator

Cecilia Montenegro

Project Manager/Convention Coordinator

Christina Hitchcock

Accessibility Officer

Claudia Belk

Development and Web/Social Media Specialist

Rushil Rahman