National Officers


Board of Directors


BVA is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, all of whom are blinded veterans themselves. National Officers and District Directors are elected by Regional Group Representatives at BVA's National Convention and serve for two-year terms. BVA's elected national officers, who give freely of their time and talents, combine their efforts with those of the Association's paid employees in service to America's blinded veterans.

BVA Staff


Headquarters Staff

BVA maintains a National Headquarters close to the Capitol to conduct the business of the organization, including Government Advocacy, Development, Membership, Communications and Administration. The headquarters staff include many blinded veterans and all are dedicated to ensuring that no blinded veteran is left behind.

Field Service Resource Center

125 N. West St, 3rd Floor
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 844-250-5180 (Toll Free)
Fax: 202-780-4638

BVA's Field Service Resource Center is a one stop shop for services provided by BVA. The FSP Resource Center features a dedicated toll free number which any blind veteran across the nation can call and receive services from any BVA National Field Service Officer, regardless of where they live. This will streamline services and provide consistency to all veterans. All NFSOs are blinded veterans themselves, and serve as both role models and mentors for their fellow blinded veterans.