The Auxiliary's View... 

by Joyce Thornton

Just when it seems like our personal calendars can clear a little, and that we will have a little more time to ourselves, things get hectic again as we participate in Veterans Day activities, arrange for Thanksgiving Day get-togethers, and prepare for the end-of-the-year holidays.

I hope you were able to take time to contemplate the meaning and purpose of Veterans Day this year. The day has been set aside to honor all our men and women who have served our country and have allowed us to remain free.

Some have paid the ultimate price while others have spent their remaining years challenged by one or more wounds of war. At one point or another, virtually all of them will need health care and the latest in technology to make their lives more fulfilling. They have earned such benefits and care, and we cannot ever forget them. After they have preserved our freedom and made our vast opportunities possible, we must do whatever we can, little as it might be, for them.

We in the BVA Auxiliary must be ready and willing to assist all veterans who might need an extra helping hand. Improving their quality of life should be our concern. In Florida, we are working on contacting lonely veterans that might be merely out there and forgotten. Joanne King, for example, is on the phone daily with veterans in her area.

Keeping in close contact with veterans is the only way to find out their individual needs. We can pass on such valuable information to those who have the specific resources, training, talents, or, in some cases, the simple desire to serve, that will genuinely help an individual veteran. If each member of the national Auxiliary would contact at least one new veteran in 2007, great progress could be made.

We can only help others if we know and truly understand them. We must also be aware of their deepest needs, hopes, and desires. Once we truly reach the stage at which another life is blessed, our lives also become richer for the effort.

I am pleased to wish blinded veterans and their families a most wonderful holiday season. I may be improper, but I will try to be equally so by extending my wishes to you for a most wonderful Kwanzaa, a very Merry and blessed Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a prosperous and joyous New Year.

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